Kid Blast

“I only got into dj’ing because I couldn’t dance and I figured chicks would ignore me otherwise.”

So says Kid Blast aka James Wilson, the latest addition to Funkademia’s dj roster, a reclusive guy who seems to have more aliases than MI5. With a history stretching from the late 80s, he has been spinning records now for 21 years under a variety of names (“I change my name each time I start playing a new style of music, don’t ask me why!”), and has played at pretty much all of the venues that kickstarted the Northern rave scene, before taking a break in the late 90s, re-discovering funk and old school hip hop, and reinventing himself as a block party dj extraordinaire.

With three dj names, a resume containing such well known clubs as Angels in Burnley (birthplace of the Retro brand), Sankeys and the Hacienda, and more recently For No Reason, the Wickerman festival, and Liverpool superclub Circus, and having supported such a diverse range of artists and dj’s as the Prodigy, 808 State, A Skillz, Krafty Kuts, Rob Da Bank, Unabombers, Nipper, and Pete Gooding to name a few, it’s fair to say he gets around.

“As a kid I regularly used to get into trouble with the police for dj’ing at dodgy parties, then when I hit 18, (and after a bust too many), I moved into club dj’ing where I used to play at loads of raves in the early to mid 90s, until I got bored of it all.  I still keep my hand in with current house music, but now I’m a bit older I really enjoy getting to play old funk and soul classics mixed up with newer fresher versions of some of the older stuff  – the one thing with this sort of music is people will always dance to it. I still can’t though, I’m still rubbish, I just hide it better these days!”

And so there you have it, a brief history of Funkademia’s newest recruit in a nutshell, Kid Blast, a true funk soul brother. Check out his MixCloud account for a variety of funk based mixes from 1998 to the present day at

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