Danny Krivit Maestro Garage Mix

danny k

Danny Krivit grew up in New York during the 60s, surrounded by all forms of music from a young age, not to mention his parents were both accomplished jazz stars in their own right. In fact it was his parents who gave Danny his first break when they enlisted him as the only DJ at their club ‘Ones’ in the mid seventies. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

Other high profile gigs soon followed at places like Roxy, the home of some of the best hip-hop DJs of that era like Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambaata. These days Danny is a firm favourite at clubs around the world, where he mixes up house with soul, hip hop with funk and does so in an educational and engaging way. As testament to this he is behind so many seminal compilations such as 718 Session (2009) on Nervous Records, 15 Years Of Body And Soul (2011) on Ministry of Sound, and last but not least Philly’s Groove (2011). During the 80s Danny started producing, working on tracks featuring legends such as James Brown, and Gloria Gayner, he was also a part of the vital DJ and party collective ‘Body and Soul’ with Francois K and Joaquin Claussell. His years of experience and his contributions to music make him a true electronic legend.

We regularly play ‘Mr K’ edits at Funkademia and this mix is packed to the brim of them…enjoy

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