Disco Mums Interview & Mix

The Disco Mums will be making their Funkademia debut this Saturday. They will be taking over the Baby Funk room to help us celebrate 16 years of Funkademia. We had a chat with them…

How did the Disco Mums come together?
DIsco Mums met in Manchester more than 10 years ago hanging around club nights like Electric Chair, Friends and family, aficionado, Drama etc. Luke Unabomber and Moggsy put us on as Disco Mums at the One Deck Sessions at Electrik (Chorlton) a couple of years ago for mother’s day as a bit of a laugh and we had a riot and now we just can’t stop.

What were your earliest musical inspirations?
It’s vast! And there are loads of us! But we all agree on plenty like Motown, Stevie Wonder, Chic, Beach Boys, Change, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Talking Heads, Francois K, Larry Levan, Geraldine is a Frenchie so there’s a whole other influence there. Emma was majorly influenced by her dad. But we all clicked as mates over music and were educated at some brilliant nights in Manchester between 1995 – 1999, listening to the likes of Andrew Weatherall, James Holroyd, Johnny Abstract, Irfan Rainy, Unabombers……from Soul music to Detroit techno, electro, deep house….it’s pretty endless. Obviously we should mention Top of the Pops, Pop Idol, Hit Man and Her and Ken Bruce Radio here too…..

If you could go out for a drink with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be & why?
Well Debbie Harry has our T-shirt and apparently she wants to go for a drink with us ……

You’ve played at a few festivals this year, which one was your favourite and why?
Manchester International Festival at the pavilion was one of the best things we’ve done, it was a Sunday afternoon and everyone was sat having lunch really chilled at the start but by the last hour it absolutely went off, Emma played the Frankie Knuckles version of Ain’t Nobody and everyone’s hands were in the air, these Italian kids came in and started off a conga, it was hilarious and absolutely buzzing atmosphere, we didn’t stop smiling for weeks. Playing at Electric Elephant in Croatia was unbelievable, it was a beautiful setting and playing on a lineup with some of your heroes…..

When you’re not DJ’ing what do you spend your time doing?
The little people keep us pretty busy so obviously we’re all into Lego, hopscotch and baking. Love a bit of Primark-no –Kidz. Emma loves her Make-Up, Jane Slack doesn’t mind a bit of politics.

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3 Responses to “Disco Mums Interview & Mix”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    Disco Mums rocked the back room at Funkademia last night! Highlight of the night was Gat Decor, brilliant tunes, they should be residents!

  2. Julie Wills (Disco Mum) Says:

    Thanks Jarrod and thanks Funkademia, we had an awesome night, really up-for-it crowd and great atmosphere. Hope to come back soooooon! xx

  3. aaron fleming Says:

    go emma, this is really good stuff . keep it up. aza bombaza x

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