15 years ago today

Manchester Bomb - 1996

15 years ago today the Manchester bomb went off and changed the face of our city forever. By very good fortune and swift policing nobody was lost and the final result was it only served to accelerate Manchester renaissance into the great city it is today.

Here at Funkademia we remember the bomb very well. That bright sunny Saturday morning we felt the shudder as were out cheekily flyposting as that was the week that our fledgling night was to move from the Boardwalk to the Attic and into a regular Saturday night shindig.

We presumed that such a catastrophic event would kill Mancunian nightlife and Funkademia along with it. Not so. The following weekend Mancunians came back into town as normal and our first Saturday got off to a stormer and – a bit like the regeneration of our City – we have both gone from strength to strength since.

Funkademia, Mancunia…………………one city under a groove.

Check these links out on the Manchester Evening News website for some more recollections of the bomb.



Photo couresy of Greater Manchester Police

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