19 years under a groove


This weekend we celebrate our 19th Birthday at Mint Lounge, deep in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It was 19 years ago that our little soul-function began life on a rainy Sunday night at the legendary Manchester Boardwalk nightclub which was situated close to the Castlefield area of town.

Our journey to become Manchester longest running weekly club night has then taken us as some of the best venues for dancing that the city had to offer, via the Attic, Subspace, Zumeba, One Central Street and now to our current home of Mint Lounge on Oldham Street.

We don’t normally do guest DJ’s but given its our birthday we thought we’d invite Groove Motion down for deck duty this weekend.
Groove Motion have been on our radar for a while. You might not have heard them DJ before but you’ll definitely have heard their edits.Check out this special remix of Jocelyn Browns ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ they have done for us!

Tonight the doors are flung wide open at 10:30pm and we are partying like its 1995 all the way through to 4am, or later if you need more.

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