Funkademia’s Hip Hop week………………

This week marks the 16th anniversary of the untimely demise of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest icons Biggie Smalls. So it got us thinking here at Funkademia Towers about all things Hip Hop and Rap and we decided to make it Funkademia Hip Hop week

We are celebrating some of the great original Hip Hop & Rap music which – in the main – has come out of the States. Every day on our Facebook page we’re featuring a different artist or classic track so just ‘Like’ our Facebook to join in keep up to speed.

Whilst its not meant to be a definitive history of the Hip Hop culture – you can get that elsewhere, just watch the video below -we’ve looked at what Hip hop has meant to Funkademia – how it influenced us & what we’ve played over the last 16 years. From the Sugarhill Gang to Grandmaster Flash to the Stop the Violence Movement to King Sun and then onto look at what Hip Hop means to our Funkademia members today.

Interestingly back when we first started Funkademia we were warned by the Police not to play Hip Hop & rap music. Back in the day the only places you could hear proper Hip Hop in Manchester was at clubs such as the PSV in Hulme or Precinct 13 & the Wiggly Worm.

In a depressingly familiar pattern which duplicated what had happened to Hip Hop clubs in the States these nights attracted the wrong elements, drugs, violence & were inevitable shut down. It was a risk but we thought we could pull it off. We played proper Hip Hop & rap alongside other genres of black music and 17 years later we’re still going strong!

So this Saturday to celebrate 17 years of getting away with it we’re having a Hip Hop special at Funkademia – email us your favourite Hip Hop \ Rap tracks & we’ll drop them for you. Increase the peace.

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