Funkademia NYE Manchester – DJ SIMON FORESTIERO

Si Foresteiro at Funkademia (2)


2013 has been a big year for you and Funkademia, a year you really made your mark & became firmly established within the dj roster, how did you originally get involved..

I remember coming to Funkademia as a punter in it’s early days in Manchester when I was a student and thinking ‘ I’d love to DJ here’ – the vibe was fantastic and the tunes were right up my street, so when I got the call to come and play I was over the moon…. I knew many of #teamfunkademia through being on the DJing circuit in and around Manchester over the years, but its been great to play alongside some of them again (David Dunne / Trafford / Jamie Scahill / Redsoul) and meet some fantastic guys I’ve never had the pleasure to hear before like Les Croasdaile, Kid Blast and Payney. When I started thinking about branding my sets/ radio show some 15 years ago I plumped for ‘got2befunky’ – I don’t want what I play to be pigeon-holed into one style or genre – any kind of music, any kind of flavour – its just GOT 2 BE FUNKY!!! Funkademia suits that perfectly and gives me a platform to play what I love to a fantastic, appreciative crowd….

You’re taking centre stage on the Funkademia decks NYE, what’s the master plan..

Hmmmm… I’ll let you into a little secret. There’s NEVER a plan with me when I’m DJing! I try my best to read the crowd every time I play and jigsaw the tunes into what I think will work well at a particular time of the night. Obviously, NYE is a bit of a different animal, so I think I might be going straight for the jugular as soon as I go on!!! I think I’ll really try to go to town with the 4 decks and slot on a load of Funkademia ‘hands-in-the-air’ favourites to keep the atmosphere as high as I can for as long as I can….. (Might even throw in a few unexpected gems too?? **rubs chin**) :)

What’s the best \ worst NYE you’ve ever had ..

That’s a tricky one… I’m thinking back – and (give or take the odd year) I’ve generally been working. I suppose it’s one of the downsides of DJing that you don’t get to spend those big nights really relaxing & kicking back with your loved ones. My lovely, understanding wife & friends usually join me when I’m playing on NYE and I’m chuffed to say that she and some good pals are joining me at Funkademia this year to see in 2014 this year too.
BTW – worst : Finishing a 7 hour set in Birmingham at 4am on New Years Day, leaving my tunes & car at the club to pick up later that day, only to wait in the freezing cold for an hour for a cab to the hotel, then finding the club locked when I got back….. Happy New Year. Not. :)

Any new years resolutions ?

Easy. Lose the moobs and belly sharpish. (pass me the profiteroles)


Funkademia NYE is at Mint Lounge, Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Doors Open at 10pm.

Tickets Online Now.

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