gareth brooks chats about his return to funkademia

Skiddle caught up with DJ Gareth Brooks ahead of his appearance at Funkademia vs Oxjam on the 23rd October, to talk Hip Hop, bedroom DJing, and working in the RAF.

Hi Gareth! How are you today?

A little tired, but then again I’m always tired. Not sure what’s wrong with me, it’s not like I work for a living is it?

You’re DJing at Funkademia in a couple of weeks, are you excited?

Very. The last time I played there, it was insane. Great atmosphere, up for it crowd and a cracking venue.

Funkademia’s been consistently popular for years. What do you think its appeal is?

Not sure, because it’s very difficult to maintain any sort of night these days. I’d have to put it down to Funkademia being consistent in hiring good DJs that know their audience and keeping their entry prices reasonable.

As an Xfm DJ, aren’t you more well known for playing indie music?

I am, yeah. But my first loves are Hip Hop and Dance music.

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