Graeme Hawley Exclusive Interview

This Saturday night we celebrate being 16 years old with the sounds of Graeme Hawley in the main room. We caught up with Graeme for an exclusive chat…

What were your earliest musical inspirations?
Parts of my childhood could amount to musical abuse! You were never far from an Abba Album or Genesis in our house. Fortunately my parents also had practically every Beatles Album so that just about saved me. When I was fourteen I bought my first New Order Album I and a Happy Mondays 12 inch. I never played “Invisible Touch” again!!

How did you get into DJ’ing?
I had several mates who were DJ’s at various nights in Manchester. Eventually, covering for them for 5 mins while they went for a piss turned into my own sets! Then I got offered a radio show with Jeff Hordley about 7 years ago and it all spiralled from there.

A lot of people recognise you from Coronation Street but what was your first acting break? And how did you get into acting?
My first ever professional job was playing Edmund in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe on Stage. My big TV break was at Fourteen in a kids series called Kappatoo. It was a Si-Fi programme, Denise Van Outen and Sarah Alexander were in it too! and Rula Lenska!!

If you could go out for a pint with anyone in the world who would it be & why?
I am a huge Super Furry Animals fan. Gruff Rhys is one of my musical heroes. I did meet him a couple of years ago after their gig at the Ritz. I’m ashamed to say a mixure of booze and being star struck meant the conversation was very brief…. and embarrasing! I would love to meet Brian Wilson too! Neil Young, Stevie Wonder! I could go on all day! Keith Richards would be a fun too but probably quite a quiet evening!!

You’ve played at a few festivals this year and are a regular at Bop Local & Funkademia. Do you have plans to DJ out a lot more?
I am heavily involved with Radio Republic. Our online radio station launches at 11.11am on 11.11.11. I’m so excited about it!! I really think it is going to become a big thing in my career. You can find us on or on Twitter or Facebook. And yes, I am definitely going to be out DJing a lot more now that Corrie is finished.

When you’re not DJ’ing what do you spend your time doing?
Well I’ve got 2 Kids so that, along with Radio Republic takes up most of my time! You will often see me skulking around a record shop in Manchester when i get 5 minutes to myself. Or wandering round Ramsbottom with my family! Thats pretty much my favourite place to be!

Graeme Hawley will be joined by Les Croasdaile & Disco Mums this Saturday. Tickets selling fast – buy them here

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