NHS Staff Discount at Funkademia

Mancunians of a certain age will remember with great affection the New Continental Club. The ‘Conti’ was located on Harper Street just off Princess Street and to say it was – lets say – basic is pushing it a bit. The place was rubbish, the beer was usually out of date and the music left a lot to be desired. Nonetheless it was ace. Packed Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays every week with lovely friendly people who were just out for a laugh. To pretence no mither.

You might well wonder why it was always packed on a random Tuesday school night. Tuesday night was the legendary Conti nurses night. For some reason loads of nurses always went on a Tuesday hence there was rush of lads with amorous intentions. So with a nod to our mis-spent mid-week youth and as a genuine thank you to the NHS staff who look after us when we need them we’ve teamed up with the good people at healthstaffdiscounts.co.uk and are offering the lovely nurses of Mancunia (and any other NHS staff) a half price entry deal into Funkademia.

All you have to do is flash your pass on the door & you & a guest get 50% off. We won’t be opening on Tuesday nights for you but we like to think our Saturday offering will be a little more discerning and just as much fun, which after all is what you want of a night out. Enjoy.


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