One summer Under a Groove – DJ Gareth Brooks

This summer we’re taking a bit of a twist on all things musical for ‘One summer Under a Groove’. We’ve got on board five of our favourite dj’s not renowned for a disco style and asked them to give us their take on all things disco.

First up this Saturday, Gareth Brooks – XFM Manchester’s weekend headline DJ – more renowned for his love of Indie & Electronica will be breaking from the norm & airing his favourite soul-funk-disco tunes.

Here are five reasons why Gareth Brooks is a must-see this weekend.

I’ve got soul and i’m super bad. Street talk from 1970 with JB using a positive for the word bad, step on 40 years to the streets of any inner city area and the youth of today will tell you “this track is well bad innit” Super Bad was originally released as a three part single, reaching number one in the soul charts and number 13 on the Hot 100. The following year the single also featured on the James Brown album of the same name.

Markie’s career began in the early 1980s as a performer, then a human beatbox for MC Shan and Roxanne Shante, among others. He signed to the Cold Chillin’ record label in 1988 and released Goin’ Off, an underground hit. He has been sued by Gilbert O’Sullivan for sampling Alone Again, DJs for the Beastie Boys and appeared in Men in Black II with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Turn Tha Party Out is Biz’z comeback tune from 2001 – Okay, Okay, O-O-O-O-Okay we’re getting down to the funky sounds.

Huge Funkademia tune. Do it to the music was the first release from Raw Silk back in 1982 on the one of our favourite labels, West End Music. This tune has featured on many rare groove and dance compilations over the last 25 years, also sampled by a number of hip hop producers including the Jungle Brothers on their track Doin our own dang. You will also link the parts of the tune get moovin, get groovin, music’s hypnotising to a number of dance tracks from the early 90s.

New Jersey DJ Mark James was called the 45 King in the mid 80s, the nickname comes from his ability to make beats using obscure 45 RPM records. The 45 King first gained fame with his breakbeat track The 900 Number in 1987. The song featured a looping tenor sax solo from Marva Whitney’s Unwind Yourself. In July 1990 Manchester-born DJ Chad Jackson sampled The 900 Number on his single Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked) which reached number 3 in the UK Charts.

Drop It Like It’s Hot” is a 2004 rap number one hit single, it was actually Snoop Dogg’s first number one, also featured Pharrell of neptunes fame. The track is essentially just tongue clicks, keyboards and a drum machine beat which compared to much early 2000s rap is very minimalist. On December 11, 2009, the song was named the most popular Rap Song of the decade by Billboard. The Song also samples the first 10 seconds of That Word (L.O.V.E.) by The Rockmelons.

Check out Gareth’s show on Saturday & Sunday from 10am – Click to Listen

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