Ste Spandex Debut – 19th February Mint Lounge

We met up with Ste Spandex for a pint in The Castle to have a chat about his world and what the Funkademia faithful can expect when he takes over the back room this Saturday night.

Hello Ste, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Ste Spandex and I run a club night called Wet Play and a record label called X43 Recordings. I’m also in a band called John Sports, I play the keys and produce.

What kind of vibe is the label?

I use an Akai MPC 1000 and I have bits of analogue hardware that I fuck about with. I make bits of boogie, house tracks as well as re-edits, and recently did a series of hi-nrg re-edits that I stripped down and fattened up. I really like the old sound of tape, that crunchy warm sound rather than the clean digital sound you hear a lot.

So what kind of stuff do you play when you DJ?

Anything from boogie, disco through to hi-nrg, early house & techno. I’m right into the early 90’s house like Kerri Chandler, Tim Harper, Todd Terry as well some Nu Groove and Trax stuff. It works well mixing the original disco with house stuff.

What can people expect on Saturday at Funkademia?

Well I’ll be bringing down my FX unit as well as my MPC as I’ve got some live bits ready to be played. I sometimes take out a 7 band EQ guitar pedal as well. I always try and put a bit of production into the DJing.

What 3 tunes do you never leave home without?

Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches and Prunes

Sharon Redd – You’re a winner

Jamal Moss – (Ron hardy Inspired) Members only edits

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