Trafford lovething talks about george clinton

We caught up with Funkademia resident DJ, Trafford Lovething, to talk about George Clinton, who is appearing at the HMV Ritz in Manchester

What do you think of the music scene in Manchester at the moment?

A. Manchester is the home to the worlds greatest music scene.. we do have the advantage of all the great clubs that started here and musicians that come here. Northern Soul has its roots around here and Top of the Pop’s was filmed on plymouth grove for years. Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons, Prince – everyone has played in Manchester. We get the best because we know what quality is, good music has been played here so long it’s in the water.

How big is the funk scene in Manchester?

A.Big – But its not news it just IS. No one dies, no one overdoses and we don’t need to be photographed going in or out of the club so the funk scene doesn’t fit into the news agenda and doesn’t get reported. We just get on with playing great funky dance records to clubs full of people who are having a great time.

Have you seen George Clinton before?

I saw him at Belle Vue in the 70’s and when he played a four hour set at the Hacienda. We spent a further 5 hours talking back stage with George and Maceo (Parker) about the history of funk and the importance of mischief in the world.

His style is chaotic like a medieval carnival. The gigs are a celebration of funk, he processes onto the stage and venue with a glorious pantomime of musicians and tears the roof off the sucker.. “ people in hear are funky, people outside eat s***”

George is Bacchus the god of plenty, Ganesha the remover of obstacles.. “Funk not only moves it can re-move” .. he layers satire and mischief with infections hook lines over a phat funky base and beats to move your feet’s. I see his smile every time I play a tune at Funkademia that makes the whole room hoop with joy..

What influence did George Clinton have on you and indeed the funk genre?

I stowed away in the Mothership with George and the afronaults. I would have never been a Dj played at Funkademia, Manumission, Hacienda or started Carwash UFO – without his example and dress sense.

George Clinton, Parliament and funkadelic are the age old undisputed truth that to be alive we must bang the drum and make a joyful noise. George is part of the whole movement of dance music that is growing, adapting and evolving all the time, he was bright enough to get aboard in the 1960’s and honest enough to keep the faith.. As the last Poets chant “Funk is you, Funk is me, Funk is us, Funk is free..”

I’m not the only performer to be influenced by George and the P- funk we all are.. Prince is a total funkadelic , Dee Lite with Bootsy Collins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Primal Scream got him to produce albums. Snoop and Dr Dre use so many Clinton samples we all now know all his back catalogue.

Why do you think Manchester is the only date outside London?

I’m surprised he wants to play London. Manchester is the UK home of Funk and music in general. This is where the PARTIES AT.. Make my funk the P-FUNK , I wants to get FUNKED UP …..

Anyting else you would like to add?

One of the great images of Xmas is the story of the Angelic host appearing to the shepherds out side Bethlehem . I my mind its Funkadelic and earth wind and fire. Bootsy on bass, Baily on vocals, Clinton Conducting and mayby Lovething on Triangle. Merry Xmas to the world..

Catch Funkademia DJ, Trafford Lovething at its home in the Northern Quarter on 17th December. Click for the Funkademia full dates

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