Win Tickets To See George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic in Manchester

George Clinton has played a pivotel musical role at Funkademia with at least one of his tunes being played each week. So we were honoured to be asked to provide a DJ to support him when he bring’s his parliament funkadelic band to the HMV Ritz on Thursday 1st December.

You can buy tickets here

Or to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets just comment on this post with your favourite George Clinton tune and we’ll pick a winner at random on Monday 28th November at 5pm

Take a look at this documentary all about George

25 Responses to “Win Tickets To See George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic in Manchester”

  1. Georgina Satchell Says:

    Amazing!!!! We did a couple of lectures about his whole funky world at uni! One nation under a groove! We need more funk in the world!

  2. Dan Fryar Says:

    Got to be Flash Light (12″ Version)

    Over 10minutes of pure revolutionary, shake-your-money-maker funk!
    George Clinton is an unsung hero of funk!

    Long live the King!

  3. Richard Bancroft Says:

    How can it not be ‘Starchild (Mothership Connection)’!?! The mothership has landed!!

  4. RB Says:

    “You got a real type of thing, going down, getting down, there’s a whole lot of rhythm going round”

  5. Neil Lumsden Says:

    Has to be “(Not Just) Knee Deep”! Insane tune! So far ahead of their time.

  6. Steve Fisher Says:

    George Clinton did some great doowop then made some of the best funk ever! No him – no De La Soul me, myself and I – heavy on the (not just)knee Deep sample!
    Saw him once in Badalona near Barcelona – only a couple of hundred people showed up, not well advertised – he played all night – 6 hours nonstop!
    My favourite tune is Atomig Dog.
    See you at the Ritz! looking forward to it.

  7. Colm murphy Says:

    For me its Atomic Dog

  8. david ali Says:

    One nation under a groove! Wow am buzzing dat these tunes are still rocking the world, Atomic Dog wicked tune. Hey George was always classed has weird? But he does’nt need to be in the spotlight to be himself! Weird is cool= cool is weird

  9. Andrew Evans Says:

    I think this is one Mr Clinton that deserves all our votes in Parliament!!! Lets hope they Give up the funk & Tear the roof of the sucker!Let us in we’ll turn this mother out.. Peace love and funkadelic to all on the Mothership x

  10. Matthew Tiffany Says:

    It has to be something from the Mothership Connection album, not easy to choose a particular track as the whole LP works so well as a set. If I have to single out one song then I’ll nominate ‘Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication’ just for the outrageous title!

  11. dave wells Says:

    ‘Is that the man ? No your honour..” Here comes the judge – bonkers tune. Definately my Favourite.

  12. kate mcaulay Says:

    good toughts, bad thoughts for the lyrics- change your mind and you change your relation to time, but Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow, Hazel at his best

  13. Paul S Says:

    Atomic Dog!

  14. paul Says:

    Its got to be ‘Atomic Dog’ bow wow wow

  15. pc Says:

    one nation under agroove – a proper feel good tune

  16. Tina Bison Says:

    One Nation (under a groove….gettin down just for tha funk of it!!1

  17. Vicarious Says:

    Mine’s gotta be ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ as well, though his contribution to the recent NASA album was immense too (‘There’s A Party’ I think it was).

  18. Niamh Says:

    “Funk is fun. And it’s also a state of mind, … But it’s all the ramifications of that state of mind. Once you’ve done the best you can, funk it!”: George Clinton.

  19. Kellie M Says:

    I love Parliment and George. My fav quote has to be “The funk’s got its own Viagra; it keeps you wide awake,”. :)

  20. Dom Says:

    Cosmic Slop from the Funkadelic side. Bop Gun from the Parliament side. An utter genius!

  21. Leon Butterworth Says:

    “Atomic Dog” for me. Do the dogcatcher, dogcatcher. Do the dogcatcher….

  22. paul Says:

    hey i like mothership connection

  23. pc Says:

    bop gun, anyone?

  24. Rick Says:

    Imagine if you’d never heard me myself and I, imagine if you’d never fucked wit dr dre, it’s got to be (not just) knee deep

  25. aaron fleming Says:

    you can walk a mile in my shoe, but you can’t dance a step in my feet

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